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Invest in the people of Myanmar.
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To invest in Morakot is to support a successful team aimed at impacting rural microfinance in Myanmar

Context - Focused

  • Morakot has received the authorization from the FRD to open 50 branches in rural areas in Myanmar to support the second and third quartile of the population which has no access to conventional financial services.

  • In doing so, Morakot fulfils the government and its own objectives to support the poor in Myanmar while maintaining a goal to develop  sustainable and profitable activity in Myanmar.

  • By providing responsible loans, Morakot enables its clients to meet their project goals and to develop sustainable activities in the areas they are living.


As Myanmar has moved to digitalization since the deregulation of the telecommunications sector, Morakot is undergoing a complete transformation of its systems in order to:

  • manage its regional expansion with a network and a platform which will enable up to 50 branches to report in real time and monitor appropriately its risk management processes.

  • provide its customer a full online process from acquisition to payment to support social distancing requirements and limit as far possible the usage of cash through the development of a mobile wallet.


HR Training

  • As an actor of its community, Morakot will implement what was one of its success factor in Bago, recruiting locally. Providing jobs and training local staff in rural area are also ways to contribute to the development of the rural areas where Morakot has its presence.

  • Morakot will recruit over 1,000 local staff, taking into account employee attrition, and will be part of the rural area competency development. Having built its know-how in its first implantation in Bago, Morakot has in place proven processes that are the basis in developing its training “university”.


Community Development

Besides its inclusive HR policy, Morakot wants to cement its relationship with the communities by supporting local village initiatives through reinvesting 10% of its profit in corporate social responsibility programmes. These will be  developed jointly with the local communities in which Morakot operates.

Interest rates were established in 2019 and regulations keep microfinance in Myanmar relevant to today’s financing requirements
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Minimum Paid-up Capital

Microfinance Products

  • Deposit-taking MFIs: MMK 300 million

  • Non-deposit-taking MFIs: MMK 100 million

Interest Rates

  • Compulsory micro-savings interest rate: Minimum 14% p.a.

  • Voluntary micro-savings interest rate: Minimum 10% p.a

  • Maximum loan size: MMK 10 million

  • Maximum compulsory deposit size: 5% of a client’s loan size

  • Maximum voluntary deposit size: 12% of Solvency Ratio

  • Micro leasing: Allowed, reportedly offered by one international MFI

  • Mobile payments: Allowed, individual approval from the Central Bank of Myanmar required

  • Micro insurance: Allowed by law, but regulations are yet to be implemented


Prudential Ratios

Minimum Solvency Ratio: 12% and a Minimum Liquidity Ratio: 25%

Microfinance companies become deposit-taking entities under the following conditions: Completed three years of operations (at least two being profitable), supported by a reliable information system, strong internal governance and minimum required amount of capital

A key player of financial inclusion, Morakot operates a robust business model to support its investors
Proven Business Model

Three years in the market with 10 years of experience through Morakot Cambodia

International Shareholders

Group of four shareholders from around the globe reinforcing the structure of the company

Rural Financial Inclusion

Clear focus on rural financial inclusion targeting to bring 200,000 people out of poverty by 2025

Loan monitoring procedures are key assets for Morakot and will support its national expansion

Loan Covenant Compliance

Branch management will visit each group at least twice during the loan cycle to confirm repayment data, monitor clients’ businesses and ensure the loan has been used as per the purpose stated in the application.

International Shareholders

Group of five shareholders from around the globe reinforcing the structure of the company.

Rural Financial Inclusion

Clear focus on rural financial inclusion targeting to bring 200,000 people out of poverty by 2025.

Head Office

Bago Region Head Office

No(18/65),Oakthar Myothit (6) Quarter Yangon-Mandalay main road, Bago Region


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +(95)9402050440 or fill out the following form

Contact Us

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Best Practices


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